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Name Description Cost
Bamboo Massage Smooth bamboo stalks of various sizes are used to apply deep tissue massage by kneading,rolling and smoothing the muscles Soothes sore muscles and increases circulation to provide deep relaxation. 60 mintues $70; 90 minutes $100.0
Cupping Massage Negative pressure (suction) is used to produce a level of healing through nervous system sedation. Stimulates the skin by increasing the circulation while separating fused tissue layers and draining lymph to promote a healthy glow and smooth surface. Can also be used more deeply to facilitate the muscles to operate more independently and stimulate healthy eliminations of a accumulated debris in the tissues. 60 minutes $70; 90 minutes $100.00
Stone Massage A warm gliding massage with smooth basalt stones and your choice of essential oil scent. If you respond well to heat, this is the ultimate in relaxation. 60 minutes $70; 90 minutes $100.00
Craniosacral Massage A gentle hands on, working with the cranial sutures, diaphragms and fascia. Restrictions of the nerve passages are said to be eased. If you suffer from Migraines this can help. Add to another massage session. 60 minutes $70; 90 minutes $100
Pre-natal Massage Wonderful for expecting Moms. It is a gentle massage that has been found to be beneficial in pregnancy to help relax,sooth aching backs,feet, and legs. Also aids in lymph drainage to help swelling in legs and feet. Great gift idea!! 30 minutes $40; 60 minutes $70
Relaxation/Swedish Massage Pure bliss!! Allow your body to relax and renew for today's busy lifestyle.Beneficial for Fibromyalgia, those that need a gentle touch and first time massage clients. Reduces anxiety and lowers the body's production of stress hormones. 30 minutes $40; 60 minutes $70; 90 minutes $100.00
Therapeutic Massage Specific massage techniques for injury, sports, aches, or chronic pain are used. Soft tissue release, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular may be used. 30 minutes $40; 60 minutes $70; 90 minutes $100.00
Chill Out Mini Spa 1/2 hour massage, mini aromafacial, foot massage w/hot towel wrap. A great chill out rejuvenation. 60 minutes $90
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Enjoy a massage that will give your mind and body a little peace and relaxation.