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015Where the environment is warm, the staff welcoming, products are green !

Eden’s Rain Salon is owned and operated by Melissa McFall.  She is an experienced stylist and has been working in Champaign-Urbana for years. Melissa has the ability to listen to your hair wants and make them a reality. She brings out the best in your hair and you.  After visiting Eden’s Rain, you will be a more stunning version of yourself

Therapeutic Massage is done by Cathryn Wright. Licensed Massage Therapist. Cathryn can help with body pain and stress to improve your daily functions. After just one visit many have left feeling less stress and improvement of over all tension. With her years of experience and desire to help you to achieve the best in your well being makes for the perfect combination. Call soon she books fast!

We are so pleased to now have an Esthetics provider, Andrea Wright. She offers Xtreme Lash Extensions for beautiful eyes. Xtreme Lash is a premier product, and you want the best you can get. You will be amazed !   Hair removal services using ‘Nufree’ products. Not a wax but a better product. For those of you who have sensitivities to other waxes, come in and see ‘Nufree‘.   See the tabs above for more information. Andrea loves all the aspects of waxing, facials and Lash Extension.

Esthetics and Massage Room

Esthetics and Massage Room

We use Green Products and Aroma Free Color. We offer services to men, women and children and always welcome wedding parties.

We are located almost in downtown Champaign. 501 N Neil

Give us a call at 217-352-3366 or Book online using the button above.

Monday – Saturday 9am to  as late as 9pm.
We are closed Sundays,

Services include:

  • Hair Cutting
  • Aroma Free Coloring
  • Highlights
  • Organic Straightening
  • American Wave/Beach Texture
  • Special Occasion Hair
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Free Consultation
  • Waxing
  • Lash Extentions
  • Facials
Green Product Line:

  • Organic Care Systems
  • Diva Curl
  • Arrojo Styling Products
  • Bamboo Style Products
  • O’Right Botanicals
  • Lash care products
  • Skin care coming soon.

34 thoughts on “Eden’s Rain Salon”

  1. Hello to you who come and visit our site. We would like to thank you for your time. Our skills here at the salon are very vast in the hair and massage area. We are unfortunate to not have it in the tech field. So if you are interested in what you read, please come in for a free consultation and allow us to show you what we really can do. Thanks, Eden’s Rain Salon

    1. Well Mrs. Lopez we have $20.00 off a bamboo massage. It’s for those who would like to try it but unsure of it. I have had it and recommend it! Feel free to call to find out anything else going on in the salon. 217-352-3366. Hope to see you or hear from you soon. Eden’s Rain Salon

    1. Hello Mary, Thanks for asking. We do…for any new clients for massage there is a $10-$20 savings. As far as the hair,we don’t….But I am currently taking new clients, so if you would like to come and experience us please give us a call.
      Eden’s Rain Salon

  2. WOW!!! Just got my doo done!! Had a great experience at the salon! Melissa did a very professional and exceptional job. Am very impressed! Salon is also very well kept and very clean! Definitely plan on going back!! Highly recommend to all my friends!

    1. Dear Mrs.Lopez. Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you had a great experience at the salon, with both your stylist and your service. Satisfied clients are very important to us. We look forward to our time together again here in the salon very soon. Please enjoy the great weather.

    1. Good day to you H.Lopez. Cathryn is offering a nice special during this month and next of $10.00 off any massage of your choice. That includes the bamboo or cupping which is both wonderful and tension releasing… Have you had and opportunity to give one of these or any of her massages a try? If not call soon and feel the difference for yourself. Yours truly, ERS

  3. Hi there! I’d like to know if you have experience with clients suffering from alopecia. I have been dealing with this for several years with no progress. Before moving to the CU area, I was fortunate to have may hair done by a stylist in private. Since this condition began, I have never gotten my hair done in public (an open space where other clients can see me/my hair) as to avoid the stress and possible stares. Please let me know if any accommodations can be made.

    1. Hello logpr. I can see how sensitive you would be. I would love to say yes and care for your needs. My salon has a full window front. There is a new place on Windsor and Stayley road that have studios. Which means every stylist has his/her own room. You may consider giving them a call if you like.I do not know the name of the salon. Hope that helps

    1. Good Afternoon Kandis,
      At this time I do not. Our hope is to have well rounded stylist to be able to care for a variety of hair textures. We want to offer natural styling and help ones to love their natural hair and use the products needed to achieve the style and look. I do hope you check back in with us.

    1. Shawna the pricing is for individual areas. We do take into account for the multiple areas for a more price friendly. So you can look into around $35 for a full face. I hope that was helpful

    1. Hello Alisha, we do not do them at this time. We are a green salon and so far, as far as i know there are no green relaxers. If and when they come out we will give them a try. We will be having a stylist coming who does ethnic hair and can help you work with your natural hair if you like.

    1. Hello Liz. I am so sorry we have made some changes at the salon and the phone cords got cut and have not been reconnected. Please send another message or send private message on our facebook page.. thanks for your understanding

  4. Hi!
    This time of year just wreaks havoc on my hair! What can I do at home to protect my hair from all this dry heat in my home?
    Miss Frizz.

    1. Dear Miss Frizz. There are some simple things you can do. First you should put a humidifier in your home to add moisture in the air. You should notice that both your skin and hair will feel better. Second you can speak with your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment to be done either with them or at home. Third is to change up your styling product if necessary. I HOPE you find relief from these, if not feel free to contact us again. Please call your stylist soon to arrange the treatment. :)
      Eden’s Rain Salon

    1. Hello Sharon M. I would Hope that there would be. If you look to see if they do Arrojo Beach Texture than that would be your place. There is the other option of coming and seeing us again here at the salon.. With all our newly remodeled salon I bet you would just love it… You can take advantage of the time and get your hair and massage on the same day… Please keep us informed. We also provide online booking so feel free to check it out.

      1. I would love to come down to see you and your salon. I miss you. I like the way you do my hair. When would be a good day for you?

        1. Melissa, I also wanted a beach texture along with hair cut and color. I couldn’t go in to change it. But I would like to know if you can do the texture along with the color? Thank you, Sharon

          1. You would have to get the Texturizer the next morning.. I have scheduled you in for it. :) We have it set up so we are the only ones to cancel appointments. We are always happy to move or reschedule anything for you..

  5. Question for Andrea re Xtreme Lashes – please provide the ingredients that would be in oil based mascara, eye makeup or eye creams so that I can identify which products not to use. I do not see anything that specifically says “oil-based”. Please email me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Angel! This is an excellent question and I’m glad you asked. I cannot be sure of the exact ingredients to tell you to look for in your eye care products. I do know that most eye creams, mascara and make up removers are oil based so Xtreme Lash has taken all the work out of it for us and created products that are 100% eyelash extension compatible. The oil found in most main stream eye care products will break down the bond of the adhesive used in the extensions so its important to avoid it. Xtreme Lash mascara, eye cream, eyeliner, and make up remover are 100% oil free and will contribute to the longevity of the beautiful extensions.

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